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The Council is paying closer attention to large and complex projects. We applaud the federal government's efforts to conduct a more effective outreach with the minority technology industry before a solicitation is issued; to better understand how the marketplace can meet agency needs. Our CTA approach ensures a more consistent use of integrated teams of acquisition, financial, project and other specialists to effectively plan, implement and evaluate all aspects of major acquisitions. New guidance will provide a roadmap for members who wish to establish specialized acquisition cadres that can concentrate on IT buys and the challenges unique to this critical class of acquisitions.

CCME - Certification and Collaboration Member Ecosystem

Understanding how we can do business as an industry in a legal fashion - builds trust. NMTC works to build governance among our Certified members. Members with a GSA Schedule are obvious participants, as Prime Contractors, in our Contractor Team Arrangement procurement initiative. (See below for CCEM diagram)

Building context around our individual members gives a new voice to innovation. Typically small business innovation is stifled by the red tape of subcontract relationships or bridled by expectations of buyers wanting a proven past performance on ideation born from real experience. Our ability to envelop our members into a process whereby an owners individual intellectual property can be aggregated among member companies, when mutually beneficial, in an organized, well governed way.

The ability for industry to provide a better environment for our member’s success assist small business move past the “valley of death” often delineated in the nomenclature of the innovation ecosystem. Our ability to advocate for stakeholder partnerships at the procurement level brings jobs to communities and profit to our certified minority technology members. NMTC’s membership offers an opportunity to develop friendly relationships with peers in order to better collaborate and scale.

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