Executive Chairman's Report

Building on the franchise of our growth algorithms and partnership frameworks, our goal to become a trillion dollar industry has much to do with belief and our will to succeed. As a body of knowledge and capability we have mitigated risks and focused on both research and solutions in order to ensure growth in the ecosystems we serve.

Our industry and the National Minority Technology Council (NMTC) now enjoy recognition from the National Institute of Science and Industry (NIST), and the U.S. Department of Commerce. First our research on the existence of the 65,000 U.S minority technology companies was included in a NIST 2015 Press Release and in August of 2016 NMTC was selected as one of nine innovation stakeholders in a regional engagement framework developed by the federal government to spur new business development, support existing businesses, and promote the advancement of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) labor force (see MBDA release).

Our commitment to research and innovation has gained the attention of multiple federal, state, and local government decision makers. Much of that research was funded internally and has resulted in a tapestry of programs and initiatives geared to improve conditions for our tech companies and the stakeholders they serve. The collaborative nature of this applied research methodology allows NMTC the opportunity to create a common good for employers, employees, government, institutions, community, the nation and our global economic ecosystem.

Our members are connecting on deals and on community wide issues. We see these efforts as critical steps towards the improvement of our economy, bring prosperity to our members, and girding up and employing our nation’s ready and disenfranchised workforce.

Karl Cureton
Founder & Executive Chairman
National Minority Technology Council

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